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Our Prices

(effective January 1, 2024 and subject to change)


Your Steps

  1. Identify the type of media you want us to convert (LP, 78, tape, etc.).

  2. Select what additional services beyond conversion you would like us to perform.

  3. Choose how you would like the audio tracks delivered to you.

Required for Each Record or Tape


Conversion to Digital Format

$12.00 — LP (Long Play record) or 12" 45

  $4.50 — EP (Extended Play record)

  $4.00 — 7" 45

  $5.00 — 78

  $5.50 — for each 15 minutes (or portion thereof) of cassette or

               customer-provided audio file playing time

  $6.00 — for each 15 minutes (or portion thereof) of reel-to-reel tape playing time

  $2.50 — for a ringtone from an analogue source

  $1.00 — for a ringtone from a digital audio source (including

              a record or tape that we have already converted)

Necessary Ancillary Services (additional but necessary work such as repairing a broken tape or attaching leader to a tape so that the beginning of the recording can be captured cleanly)

            $0.25 — per minute ($15.00 per hour)

Converting CD Tracks to MP3 Files (includes editing album, artist, and track title information)

            $6.00 — per CD (see Adding or Modifying Album, Artist, and Track Title Information below)

Optional Services

Noise Reduction (performed by applying several software applications to the entire recording before tracks are split)

$ 10.00 — per record or tape for current project

  $5.00 — per 45

$12.00 — per record or tape for previously completed project (within 60 days of delivery),

               plus costs for any additional deliverable media 

Track-Level Noise Reduction (in addition to the basic Noise Reduction price; relevant when there are significant differences between tracks in their sonic characteristics, particularly with personally recorded cassettes of tapes; see Our Services — in Detail for a description if when this is relevant; not available for 45s or 78s)

$1.00 — per track

Waveform Editing (manual click and pop reduction, track volume adjustment, track manipulation, tempo and pitch adjustments; Noise Reduction is generally required before Waveform Editing)

$0.80 — per minute ($48.00 per hour)

Track Splitting Without a Track List (generally for continuous, personal recordings made on tape or cassette, often speech only)

$0.40 — per minute ($24.00 per hour)

Adding or Modifying Album, Artist, and Track Title Information (in the creation of MP3 files from CDs when that information is inadequate or missing, or when alterations are requested)

           $0.25 — per minute ($15.00 per hour)

Album Art

$3.50 — per side for a slim case or the front cover of a full-size case

$4.00 — per side for the back and spine of a full-size case

$0.25 — per minute for custom-designed inserts ($15.00 per hour)

Physical Restoration of Reel-to-Reel Tape

$2.00 — Application of preservative to tape with no signs of coating deterioration — per 300’ of tape

$35.00 — Tape incubation to counteract coating deterioration (per batch of three tapes)

Deliverable Media

CDs (for playable music CDs or small collection of MP3 files)

$0.25 — 700 MB/80-minute consumer-grade CD-R

$0.75 — 650 MB/74-minute silver CD-R (rated at 50 years)

$0.65 — 700 MB/80-minute silver CD-R (rated at 50 years)

$4.00 — 650 MB/74-minute gold archival CD-R (rated at 300 years)

$3.45 — 700 MB/80-minute gold archival CD-R (rated at 300 years)

DVDs (for moderate collection of MP3 files)

$0.27 — 4.7 GB consumer-grade DVD-R

Flash Drives—USB 3.0 (for high-resolution audio files or very large collections of MP3 files)

$6.25 — 16 GB flash drive

$8.75 — 32 GB flash drive

Jewel Cases (required for CDs and DVDs)

$0.12 — Slim case

$0.35 — Fill-size case

$0.75 — Double CD case

Music File Delivery via the Internet Cloud

$1.50 — if cloud delivery is requested in addition to a music CD

Free   — if cloud delivery is the only deliverable requested—ideal for ringtones

6% Virginia sales tax on Album Art and the Deliverable Media listed above:  CDs, DVDs, flash drives, and jewel cases


Additional Copies of CDs


We can provide additional copies of CDs containing personal, non-copyrighted content as part of an ongoing analogue-to-digital conversion project, following such a project, or as a standalone project.  The prices listed below do not include the CDs, their jewel cases, or the tax on these items.  Those costs are extra and will depend on what type of CD and case is selected.

If requested as a part of a current conversion project:

$1.50 — per copy

If requested within 60 days of completion of project:

$5.00 — per copy (additional copies of the same CD $1.50 each)

If requested after 60 days of completion of project and if customer provides the DVD or flash drive containing the audio files or a CD delivered as part of the original project:

$10.00 — per copy (additional copies of the same CD $1.50 each)

If a copy of a customer-provided CD is requested:

$10.50 — per copy (additional copies of the same CD $1.50 each)

Payment Options

PayPal, Zelle, cash, or check



Convert an LP, no optional services, 700 MB consumer-grade CD in a slim case:

$12.00 — conversion

$0.25 — CD

$0.12 — case

$12.37 — total (plus $.02 sales tax)

Convert an LP, noise reduction, 650 MB silver CD in a full-size case, album art front and back:

$12.00 — conversion

$10.00 — noise reduction

$0.75 — CD

$0.35 — case

$3.50 — art for front of case

$4.00 — art for back and spine of case

$30.60 — total (plus $.52 sales tax)

Convert ten 78s, noise reduction on each, burn to a single 650 MB Silver CD in a slim case:

$50.00 — conversion ($5.00 for each 78)

$100.00 — noise reduction ($10.00 for each 78)

$ 0.75 — CD

$ 0.12 — case

$150.87 — total (plus $.05 sales tax)

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