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Customer Agreement

This Customer Agreement will serve as a contract between Play It Again, Paul, LLC and you, the customer.  We will ask that you sign a copy when we initiate a project.

Our Responsibilities:  We Will…

Treat your media very carefully, protecting them from accidental damage.


Deliver to you the completed product(s) agreed to (CDs, DVDs, audio files on flash drives) within the estimated time frame as reflected on the Services Requested form accompanying this Customer Agreement.


Advise you of any anomalies encountered with your media (such as warped records, records that skip or have off-center holes or groove damage, stretched, broken or otherwise damaged tapes), and with your verbal agreement proceed or cancel the project for that medium.


Provide an estimate for Waveform Editing of each record or tape, and proceed only with your consent, not to exceed the estimate.  This process may be iterative, depending on what is detected once editing begins.

If you are not satisfied with a product that involved Noise Reduction, we will discuss options with you, such as reversing what we did, changing the software’s parameters, or targeting specific areas for further attention if our work on the product involved Waveform Editing.  However, any rework or free additional work will be performed entirely at our discretion.  Adding Noise Reduction or Waveform Editing services that were not part of the original project will incur additional charges.

In the highly unlikely event of damage to your media while they are in our care, we will endeavor to replace your media at our expense.  "Damage" to your media means breakage, scratches, or warping of a record, or breakage or other physical damage to a tape.  Damage does not include injury to album covers or tape cases.  If we procure a replacement for a Damaged record or tape, we will charge the agreed upon price for our service, and if not previously part of the project, perform Noise Reduction and Waveform Editing at our expense.  If we are unable to locate a replacement, we will pay you the fair market value of the recording.

Play It Again, Paul, LLC operates under the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Your Responsibilities:  You Will…

Read the Privacy Policy, Our Services, Important Considerations, and Alternatives to Our Services documents that describe what we can do, what we cannot do, and other options available to you.


Understand what Conversion, Noise Reduction, and Waveform Editing can accomplish and what they cannot, and set your expectations accordingly (see Our Services and Important Considerations).  Remaining defects—real or perceived—caused by the quality of the original record or tape will not justify reworking or providing additional work on a project.

Be prepared to pay—by PayPal, Zelle, cash, or check—the total amount due at delivery.  We will return your media at project completion and will provide the deliverable media (CDs, DVDs, audio files) at time payment.

Listen to delivered products (CDs, DVDs, audio files) promptly to decide if you would like to pursue additional Noise Reduction or Waveform Editing.  We will retain copies of your project’s computer files for 60 days following delivery.  If you pursue additional services after 60 days, we’ll have to start from scratch, and it will be considered a new project.


Provide feedback.  We would really appreciate knowing where we can improve our service.  Equally, we would like to hear what we have done well.


Agree to limit compensation for media Damage to that described above (replacement or fair market value reimbursement) and to forgo any litigation seeking remuneration for damaged property or emotional distress.

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